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Expanding the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) product selection is a response to the growing demand for grass-fed beef. The latest addition to the brand, Certified Angus Beef Grass-Fed by Niman Ranch, aims to provide premium beef options to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

According to CAB President John Stika, while the focus remains on the quality of their traditional product, they recognize the increasing interest in grass-fed beef. The introduction of this new product allows them to meet the needs of consumers who have different preferences while maintaining the high standards expected from CAB. Stika emphasizes that although the grass-fed beef will only represent a small portion of their total sales, it is an important addition to their lineup.

The release states that the grass-fed beef will initially be available exclusively in select restaurants and grocery stores. It will make up less than 1% of the total CAB supply, ensuring that quality is maintained throughout the production process. Just like other CAB brand products, the grass-fed beef must meet all ten specifications, with marbling being a crucial factor in guaranteeing flavor and tenderness.

John Tarpoff II, vice president of beef for Niman Ranch, believes in the value of Angus cattle and attributes the consistent, well-marbled nature of CAB grass-fed beef to the use of appropriate genetics, quality pasture forages, and excellent animal care practices that minimize stress.

Stika acknowledges that there has been a long-standing demand for Certified Angus Beef Grass-Fed products. However, it is only now that the brand can offer a grass-fed program that adheres to their specifications without compromising on quality and taste.

The expansion of CAB's product selection to include grass-fed beef demonstrates their commitment to meeting the evolving preferences of consumers. By providing a premium grass-fed option that maintains the brand's high standards, CAB ensures that it continues to be a trusted choice for discerning beef enthusiasts.