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The 2022 Hereford Feedout Program saw an unprecedented number of Hereford breeders and commercial users enrolling their steers to assess the performance of their genetics in the feedlot and on the rail.

In December, the cattle were delivered to HRC Feed Yards in Scott City, Kan., where they underwent a feeding period lasting until May-June. Throughout this period, program participants received valuable feedlot performance data, and individual carcass data was provided at the time of harvest.

Trey Befort, the American Hereford Association (AHA) director of commercial programs, expressed enthusiasm about the remarkable carcass data generated from the first group of harvested cattle. He emphasized the value of Hereford genetics and commended the dedicated producers who aim to deliver the highest quality beef. Befort added that the conclusive data from this year's program will serve as strong evidence for the industry regarding the advantages of Hereford genetics in improving carcass quality and feedlot performance. Previous research has already demonstrated the feed efficiency benefits of Hereford genetics, and this program will further validate those findings.

National Beef Packing Company, the licensed beef processor for Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB), is responsible for harvesting the cattle from the Hereford Feedout Program. These cattle, as part of the Hereford Fed Steer Shootout Program, are potential candidates for CHB and are marketed on the U.S. Premium Beef® Grid, granting producers access to exceptional marketing options.

Lee Mayo, the general manager of HRC Feed Yards, emphasized the collective responsibility of all individuals involved in the beef industry to feed the world. He expressed excitement about the progress the Hereford breed will make over the next 50 years, particularly if breeders take ownership and responsibility for the end product.

Seedstock and commercial producers interested in participating in the program can reach out to the AHA or HRC Feed Yards to discuss the details. The enrollment deadline for the 2023 program is set for November 1st, and cattle can be delivered to HRC Feed Yard between December 10th and 14th.

Befort encouraged all producers interested in joining the Hereford Feedout Program to contact Lee or himself to explore the available options. This unique opportunity not only propels genetic selection forward but also rewards the production of high-quality cattle, benefiting participating operations. The commitment to genetic excellence showcased by the program participants will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing progress and success of the Hereford breed in the years to come.