Our mission is to educate and inspire farmers, ranchers, and consumers about the importance of sustainability, regenerative farming, and biodiversity in our food systems.

Suburban farming, also known as urban agriculture, is becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers who want to grow their own food and live more sustainably. With a little creativity and some hard work, it is possible to transform your backyard into a thriving edible garden.

One of the biggest advantages of suburban farming is the ability to control the source of your food. By growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you know exactly what goes into your produce, ensuring that it is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. Additionally, cultivating your own food reduces the amount of carbon emissions produced by transporting produce from far-off locations.

To get started with suburban farming, the first step is to assess the space you have available. Even if you only have a small backyard, you can still grow plenty of food using raised garden beds, vertical gardens, or container gardening. Determine which fruits and vegetables grow well in your climate, and consider planting native cultivars that are adapted to the local environment.

Next, prepare the soil by adding compost, organic fertilizers, and other amendments to promote healthy plant growth. Consider planting a variety of crops, including those that mature at different times of the year to ensure a continuous supply of fresh produce.

When it comes to maintaining your suburban farm, it's important to be mindful of the environment. Use organic pest control methods such as companion planting, beneficial insects, and natural pesticides to protect your plants from pests and disease. Additionally, conserve water by using drip irrigation or collecting rainwater in barrels.

Suburban farming can also be a great opportunity to teach children about sustainable gardening and healthy eating habits. Get them involved in the planting and harvesting process, and encourage them to try new fruits and vegetables they may not have tasted before.

Suburban farming is an excellent way to grow your own food in the city while promoting sustainability and healthy living. With a little planning, preparation, and hard work, you can transform your backyard into a thriving edible garden that provides fresh produce for you and your family all year round.