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Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum (WEF) advocate for the use of Apeel, a produce coating, on all fruits and vegetables. However, it has been brought to attention that Apeel contains toxic metals and chemicals, including ethyl acetate, cadmium, lead, and palladium. These substances have been proven to be carcinogenic and harmful to various body systems. The accumulation of these toxicants is especially dangerous for children. Despite this, the FDA and government authorities consider it acceptable for food to contain these metals and other toxins. It is advisable to avoid purchasing any food that poses a threat to your health.

Apeel Sciences provides specifications for monoglyceride (≥ 91%) and diglyceride (≤ 7%) levels as well as limits for ethyl acetate (≤ 100 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg)), acetonitrile (≤ 5 mg/kg), toluene (≤ 5 mg/kg), hexane (≤ 25 mg/kg), and individual heavy metals (including Lead (≤ 1 mg/kg), Palladium (≤ 3 mg/kg) and Arsenic (≤ 0.2 mg/kg)), in the finished product.

Of course, according to Apeel, their coating is safe. And it may be that eating one piece of fruit with this coating isn't going to do much harm. But what happens when the exposure is repeated, day after day, week after week? What happens when ingested by children? 

As explained in other articles, adding things to our food does not make food more nutritious. The purpose of these ingredients is to increase profit, not to make us healthier, or better nourished. Firms like these do not produce food. Farmers and Ranchers produce food. Corporate America produces packaging. 

The solution is the same as it has been since the dawn of time. We need to grow our own food, share it, save it, and rely on local networks to meet our needs rather than trusting Wall Street's motives with the things we need to survive.