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Like playground bullies, the global elites who believe they know what is best for everyone, want you to eat bugs. Not meat, but insects. As in medieval times, meat will soon be just for the ruling elites.

In a recent propaganda blitz on "CBS Saturday Morning," a segment highlighted the potential of incorporating insects into the American food supply as a means to address climate change. The report emphasized that climate researchers view bugs as a transformative element in protecting the planet in unexpected ways.

The segment delved into the concept of utilizing protein-rich insects as a solution to the global food crisis. A German scientist interviewed by CBS expressed his hopes of introducing insects as a viable alternative to soybean-derived proteins currently given to livestock.

The underlying argument suggests that insects require less space and have a lower environmental impact compared to soybean farms, which contribute to deforestation. By promoting the consumption of insects by livestock, the CBS anchor acknowledged that companies are actively seeking a high-protein, low-carbon solution to feed both animals and the world's population.

On Tuesday, Fox News derided the CBS segment, likening the clips from the report to scenes from the television show "Fear Factor."

Critics question the suitability of starting the day with a mainstream media morning program that encourages the consumption of crickets and maggots. Some assert that such coverage reflects a form of propaganda, attributing it to globalist influences within organizations like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization.