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A concerning trend is emerging as deep state-controlled governments and corporations intensify their assault on farmers worldwide, aiming to restrict global food production. Notably, the Netherlands has witnessed a significant wave of attacks against farmers, with the government planning emissions cuts that could result in land expropriation for noncompliant farmers. This oppressive approach has ignited a fierce resistance among farmers, leading to protests and clashes with law enforcement. However, this is not an isolated incident, as farmers across Europe, Canada, and beyond face similar challenges, provoking widespread outcry against government policies and their detrimental impact on agriculture and food prices.

The Battleground for Farmer's Rights In the Netherlands, thousands of farmers have risen up against the government's expropriation plans, which they perceive as a declaration of war on the agricultural sector. These plans threaten farmers' lands and livelihoods, leading to the destruction of centuries-old farms and the distressing fragmentation of families. As desperation grows, farmers feel compelled to escalate their protests, prompting a violent response from authorities. Dutch police have resorted to beatings and even firing shots at farmers, thereby intensifying the war on agricultural workers.

Europe's Farmers Unite The assault on farmers extends beyond the Netherlands, as food producers throughout Europe face similar challenges imposed by deep state-controlled governments. Solidarity marches in Germany and joint protests at the Dutch-German border demonstrate the unity among farmers, who share grievances against oppressive climate policies and soaring food costs. In Italy, farmers are mobilizing against the left-wing government's inability to address food price inflation, emphasizing that they can no longer sustain their families under these dire conditions. Spain has witnessed similar protests, with farmers urging their socialist government to fulfill its promises and tackle escalating food inflation.

Canadian Agriculture at Risk The attacks on farmers are not confined to Europe alone. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plans to reduce nitrogen emissions from fertilizer have drawn widespread condemnation from farmers' interest organizations. They warn that such measures will devastate Canadian agriculture, jeopardizing its success and impacting crop yields, grain sales, and exports. Experts argue that reducing fertilizer usage and capping agriculture emissions will do little to address greenhouse gas levels, further exacerbating the plight of farmers.

Challenging the Deep State's Agenda The intensifying attacks on farmers serve as a wake-up call, highlighting the need to challenge the deep state's control over governments and corporations. Farmers, often the backbone of society, are facing unjust policies that threaten global food production and security. It is imperative for individuals to stand in solidarity with farmers, advocate for their rights, and demand policy changes that prioritize sustainable agriculture while safeguarding the livelihoods of those who feed nations.

As deep state-controlled entities tighten their grip on governments and corporations, farmers find themselves under relentless assault worldwide. The recent surge in attacks on farmers in the Netherlands, along with protests in Europe, Canada, and beyond, demonstrates the urgent need to protect the agricultural sector. Governments must reassess their policies, ensuring they prioritize sustainable practices while supporting the invaluable contributions of farmers. Only through collective action and unwavering advocacy can we secure the future of global food production and protect the vital role of farmers in our society.