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According to attorney and activist Thomas Renz, mRNA vaccines have already been administered to pigs in the US since 2018, and the technology could soon be applied to the entire food supply. Merck and Moderna have already developed an mRNA vaccine for pigs, and the unregulated experimental technology could be expanded to mass-vaccinate the American population.

Renz has highlighted Missouri House Bill 1169, which seeks to label food products that can alter genes, but the National Cattleman's Beef Association opposes the bill. The organization has confirmed that mRNA vaccines may soon be used on the US beef supply.

Renz also revealed that NIH documents from 2002 show that the federal government and pharmaceutical industry have been working on integrating vaccines into foods for at least two decades. mRNA vaccines could be engineered into plants, animals, and various other things, and Renz warns that without disclosure and informed consent laws, people who refused mRNA vaccines could end up receiving them through their food.