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In this clip, posted to Twitter, Bill Gates discusses reducing the rate of population growth using vaccines, contraceptives and more. 

In context, Gates is arguing that fewer children means a better standard of living for people, and therefore measures should be taken to reduce human reproduction, including economic and health measures.

But there are several problems with these claims. First, what is Gates' expertise? Academically, it has nothing to do with economics, health and human reproduction, or even politics. Gates' only claim to credibility is that he is wealthy. But being rich does not confer expertise in the wide range of subjects that one would need to have to make blanket pronouncements about what is best for people around the world. It does however, seem to guarantee an audience. 

Second, what is to say that having children or that vaccination status, or the use of GMO crops or organisms is good or bad for anyone? Once again, Gates is claiming expertise which he notably lacks, and professing judgement because he is a billionaire. 

Could it be possible that human misery, climate change, and ecological degradation, have more to do with politics, capitalism run amok without morals, and the general sense that billionaires ought to make choices for you, could be the problem? Could it be that the "do gooders" like the leaders of the World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organization, who authored Agenda 21, are the problem? After all, they have the money and the power, a lot more than the average person on the street. 

Why then is it always incumbent upon the average person to stop driving, stop having children, eat insects, but still work and consume as directed? Why is the problem never a small army of billionaires with their yachts, paid for by belching factories, jet setting around the world to pontificate? Why isn't it the lobbyists they use to buy off politicians and governments? 

Doesn't the world already have a Savior? Last we checked, it wasn't Bill Gates.