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Let's play a game. How many ingredients are in your chicken sandwich?




If you ask Popeye's, what is in their most popular sandwich, you will get the answer of "six." But if you read the label, you will see that can't possibly be true. 

Here's the correct answer: 40 or more. Of which 32 are synthetic man-made chemicals. 

Extra Credit: And why are man-made chemicals added to food which is already nutritious? 


Here's another one that's worse. Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwiches have over 50 chemicals ingredients. Over 40 of those are man-made. In the words of one doctor, "This is a dope sandwich," meaning the sandwiches contain so many chemicals, they are literally "doping" you. They do not want you to have the nutrition, but an addiction. 

Both Popeyes and Chick-fil-A have removed from their websites their detailed ingredient lists, but they are available online since savvy food sleuths saved the graphics and are sharing them to alert the public. 

Our food is already naturally nutritious. Humans have domesticated chickens for food thousands of years ago and they form an important part of our diet. However in the last century, as our food supply became industrialized, those responsible for the supply have for some reason decided to start adding all kinds of chemicals to our food. The chemicals are usually preservatives, so you can eat chicken months, even years after it was harvested. Other chemicals simply change the flavor, or make the meal more addictive. For example, MSG is often added to trick the brain into liking the food more than it naturally would. And still other chemicals simply color the food to make it appear more appetizing, especially after time and processing have altered the natural color. Many foods have dyes added to create a uniform color across the brand. 

The problem is, these additives are unnatural, and long-term exposure to them can have harmful, even deadly effects. Of course, regulators claim these ingredients are safe. How can a chicken sandwich harm you? 

The problem isn't just the sandwich. It's everything we eat along with it. When all the foods we eat are packed with these ingredients we begin to expose our bodies to chemicals that are harmless in minute quantities, but toxic in greater. The dose makes the poison. 

We have to stop letting these people, whose motivation is greed, from pumping us full of chemicals and other substances that have no God-given place in our diet. We don't need aluminum in our french fries. We don't need MSG in our sandwiches. We don't need mRNA in our meat. 

Of course, they aren't going to stop. That leaves it to us to educate ourselves, our families and neighbors, and to make the decision to grow our own food, and to source what we can from producers who don't add things that don't belong to our food.