Our mission is to educate and inspire farmers, ranchers, and consumers about the importance of sustainability, regenerative farming, and biodiversity in our food systems.

We are  constantly told how overpopulated the world is, that our human impact is responsible for so much destruction, extinction, and suffering. The elites, the ones making all the real decisions, the ones with the money, the power, and the voice, are telling us that we should feel guilty for enjoying the world and the natural resources we consume. We are told not to wash cars, water gardens, and sometimes not to flush toilets, because water is scarce. We are told it's our fault that habitats are being destroyed, that oceans are full of plastic, and our air and water are polluted.

These are lies. They are lies intended to stop us from having children, from exercising freedom, and from enjoy the space and freedom we deserve as human beings. 

Imagine this:

  • Imagine all 8.1 billion people standing side by side. It sounds like a lot of people, but it isn't that many, when understood on a genuine, global scale. 

  • If arranged at a density of four people per square meter, they would occupy a space smaller than New York City. 

The world is nowhere near, "overpopulated." There's quite a bit of space for everyone and billions more. 

  • A family of four cultivating a mere 0.05% of an acre (approximately 200 square meters) can grow all the vegetables they need to provide for their nutritional needs for a year.

  • The world possesses roughly 31 million square kilometers of arable land, potentially capable of feeding an astounding 155 billion people.

This figure dispels the notion of resource scarcity, underscoring the importance of efficient agricultural practices. Understand that efficient does not mean "intensive." Which is another lie we've been sold.

There is no need for destructive, intensive agricultural practices that rely on clear-cutting, slash-and-burn, petroleum fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Practices that contaminate the air, soil, and water, and kill pollinators, birds, and other animals. 

If and when the soil, air, and water are clean; and they are cleaned by natural processes including photosynthesis, percolation, and osmosis, requiring only time, then nature provides everything we need to sustain ourselves. We do not need GMO plants and animals, feedlots, or to cut down entire forests to grow monoculture crops to feed Wall Street greed. 

The entire system and food production as we know it is a lie, motivated by control. We do not need intensive agriculture to feed the planet, and the planet isn't overpopulated. 

It is time to understand that we are being sold, and are literally consuming a deadly lie. One that starves millions, malnourishes billions, makes billions more sick, and costs everyone their money, their health, and their very lives.