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The Globalists are at it again, this time planning to 3D print your seafood.

A video shows Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, taking a tour of a food printing factory. A few buttons are all it takes to print whatever meat you like, on an industrial scale.

This seems like an advance out of Star Trek, that ought to be praised for its humane approach, and its environmental benefits, except it's hard to trust the same people who also insist we stop eating meat and chomp on insects instead. 

Although it would save millions of animals from slaughter, there's no way to trust what these people, who are on record saying how the world is 'overpopulated,' not to put whatever they like into your food. In fact, they are already doing so, from antibiotics, to mRNA, to all kinds of additives, some of which are only now being admitted as carcinogenic (see: aspartame, finally admitted carcinogenic in June, 2023).

As for the environmental benefits, they don't exist either. Research, such as a study from UC Davis, reveal that industrial meat factories that claim to be 'clean,' and 'green' are responsible for more pollution and carbon than traditional methods of meat production. 

If they can customize your 3D printed meat order with as much synthetically-produced fat as you like, imagine what else they can do to it...

Here's a video via Twitter, worth a look