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In the pursuit of a longer lifespan, are we sacrificing our health? The answer is a resounding no, and the dark truth lies within the web of the Obesity Industrial Complex.

Journalist James Li, in a compelling episode of "Breaking Points," presents evidence revealing a nefarious alliance between the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, media, medicine, and government. Their goal? To keep the population perpetually overweight, sick, and dependent on pharmaceutical drugs.

The obesity epidemic in America continues to escalate, with even young children rapidly succumbing to excessive weight gain before reaching puberty. This sets them on a distressing path of lifelong illness and drug reliance, while also being enticed by the alarming transgender trend, leading them into mutilation and debauchery.

Contrary to what the "authorities" claim, the root cause of our nation's obesity problem is not solely genetic, but rather deeply influenced by unhealthy dietary and lifestyle norms. The Obesity Industrial Complex masks this truth.

James Li exposes the driving forces behind the obesity crisis: excessive sugar consumption and insufficient fiber in our diets. In the 1950s, obesity was virtually non-existent, yet within seven years, it is projected to affect 50 percent of the population. This raises the question of what destructive factors are eroding our metabolic health.

Drawing from the work of whistleblower Calley Means, formerly a consultant for Big Pharma, Li concludes that the modern obesity crisis can be primarily attributed to excessive sugar and inadequate fiber intake. While the issue is more complex, with high-fructose corn syrup derived from genetically modified corn proving more detrimental than regular cane sugar, Li's assessment is generally accurate.

Food manufacturers lace processed foods, targeted at children, with copious amounts of sugar in various forms. This creates addiction and a host of health problems that are subsequently treated with pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

Today's average child consumes 100 times more sugar than their counterpart a century ago, and the consequences are evident.

Li poses a question to his viewers: If you are an executive in the food industry, driven by bonuses and shareholder demands for relentless growth, what would you do to gain an edge over your competitors? The answer is simple: add sugar to your products, making them more addictive, ensuring consumer loyalty and market dominance. Consequently, sugar pervades our lives.

Fiber, as emphasized by the Mayo Clinic, is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Sadly, it is sorely lacking in the modern food supply.

Data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals that a mere five percent of the population consumes an adequate daily baseline of fiber. Meanwhile, processed foods inundate us with sugar and carbohydrates, devoid of fiber, protein, and other vital nutrients.

The collusion of the Obesity Industrial Complex leaves us facing a grave health crisis. It's time to expose their manipulations and reclaim our well-being.