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Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT researcher, has made a striking prediction that if the current trend continues unchecked and no action is taken to reverse it, the incidence of autism in the United States will reach 1 in 2 children by 2025. This alarming rise in autism prevalence is not limited to the U.S., as similar trends are observed globally.

This editorial aims to delve into the scientific reasons behind the near absence of autism within the Amish community and emphasizes the urgency of implementing effective solutions that are already yielding positive results.


One well-known but controversial practice in the Amish community is their choice to abstain from vaccinating their children. However, the reasons behind their robust immunity and the absence of autism symptoms have been largely overlooked and misunderstood. The emerging scientific field of psychoneuroimmunology sheds light on the underlying basis for their choices and the positive outcomes they experience.

Psychoneuroimmunology investigates the intricate interaction between the mind, body, and social systems and how this interplay influences health and healing. The Amish community, renowned for their way of life, honors the intelligence of their body cells and trusts the signals that indicate well-being. Their social structure and psychological conditioning create an environment that supports their decision not to vaccinate their children.

Moreover, the Amish community firmly holds the belief that vaccination, if chosen, can cause more harm than good. They have become aware of their apparent immunity to autism, reinforcing their mindset against vaccination.


Another significant biomedical factor contributing to the absence of autism in the Amish community is their centuries-old practice of organic farming and consumption of pesticide-free, organic produce predominantly grown on their own farms. This tradition reveals their belief in food as medicine, rooted in their respect for the land and their harmonious relationship with nature. While the rest of the world contends with the rise of autism symptoms, partly linked to genetically modified and pesticide-laden food, the Amish community remains shielded from these effects.

Energetic Immunity

The concept of "Energetic Immunity" pertains to the immunity generated by an individual or system in response to their chronically aligned energy state. Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything in the universe consists of energy, encompassing the mind, body, and ecosystem.

From an Energy Medicine perspective, the almost complete absence of autism in the Amish population can be understood holistically. The psychoneuroimmunological and biomedical factors mentioned earlier also fall within the realm of Energy Medicine. The Amish beliefs and practices discussed contribute to maintaining a healthy and aligned Energy Field, both at the micro and macro levels, resulting in the lack of manifested autism symptoms.

It is crucial for the scientific community to focus on identifying effective approaches in addressing autism to encourage further replication of successful strategies.

This content is based on the work of Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy -
Autism Expert, Authentic Autism & ADHD Solutions, Energy Medicine Consultant, Pioneer-Intent Healing Featured On CNN-IBN, Chennai, India