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High tensile fencing is a great way to keep animals within your property while providing protection from predators. There are two types of high tensile fencing – the original five-strand fence designed for sheep and the newer three-strand fence built for beef cattle. While both fences are powered by a 26 Joule 120V energizer, they have distinct differences in their design and functionality.

The original fence is a five-strand high tensile fence that reaches down to about 5 inches above the ground, while the new fencing is only three strands and terminates about two feet off the ground. The original fence is challenging to maintain during summer months as weeds grow around it, making it difficult to keep the fence hot. The new fence is designed to be easier to maintain and more efficient in training cattle.

The newer three-line fence is called a Pos/Neg fence, with the top and bottom lines charged, and the middle line connected directly to the ground. This design is more efficient in training cattle as the voltage moves through the animal's body when it touches the fence, delivering a more potent shock. This design is also more suitable for areas with low soil moisture as it relies on a ground wire in the middle to deliver a more powerful training stimulus.

The power of high tensile fencing was highlighted when the author accidentally touched the Pos/Neg fence while it was still active. The shock was many times worse than the original five-strand fence as the ground was immediately available for the voltage to move through the author's body. The Pos/Neg fence delivered a more powerful shock, which proved to be an efficient deterrent for animals attempting to leave the property.

In conclusion, understanding the differences and benefits of Pos/Neg fence is essential for keeping your animals safe and contained. If your fence is not holding charge, designing a Pos/Neg fence with a ground wire in the middle is a great way to deter animals from leaving your property. The Pos/Neg fence design is not only effective in training cattle, but it is also an efficient deterrent for predators. High tensile fencing is an excellent investment in your animal's safety, and understanding its design and functionality can help you create an efficient and reliable fence system.