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Sheep farming can be a rewarding and profitable venture, but keeping your flock safe and contained is crucial to your success. One option for sheep fencing that has gained popularity in recent years is strand fencing. While this type of fencing can be challenging to install and maintain, it has proven to be effective for many sheep farmers. In this article, we will share our success story of making strand sheep fencing work for our operation.

Strand fencing is a type of electric fence that uses multiple strands of wire to create a barrier for your sheep. We chose strand fencing for our operation for several reasons. First, we wanted a fence that would be highly visible to our sheep, as well as predators like coyotes and foxes. Second, we needed a fence that could be easily and quickly installed, as we have a large property and many acres of pastureland to fence in. Finally, we wanted a fence that would be cost-effective and low-maintenance over time.

To make strand sheep fencing work for our operation, we followed these key steps:

  1. Choose the Right Materials: We selected high-tensile wire for our strands, as it is durable and long-lasting. We also invested in sturdy posts and insulators to ensure the fence would stay upright and the wires would not come into contact with each other or the ground.

  2. Proper Installation: We installed the posts at regular intervals and strung the wires tightly, making sure to leave enough slack to allow for expansion and contraction in changing temperatures. We also installed a lightning diverter to protect the fence from lightning strikes.

  3. Train Your Sheep: We introduced our sheep to the fence gradually, using flags and other visual cues to help them understand the boundary. We also made sure to keep the fence charged at all times, so they would quickly learn to respect it.

  4. Regular Maintenance: We perform regular checks on the fence to ensure that the wires are tight, the posts are secure, and the charge is strong. We also trim any vegetation around the fence to prevent it from coming into contact with the wires and causing shorts.

By following these steps, we have been able to make strand sheep fencing work for our operation. Our sheep are safe and contained, and we have not experienced any breaches or escapes. In addition, the fence has proven to be cost-effective and low-maintenance over time, saving us money and time.

Strand sheep fencing can be an effective and efficient option for keeping your flock safe and contained. By selecting the right materials, installing the fence properly, training your sheep, and performing regular maintenance, you can make strand sheep fencing work for your operation.