Our mission is to educate and inspire farmers, ranchers, and consumers about the importance of sustainability, regenerative farming, and biodiversity in our food systems.

Smallholder ranchers, or those who operate smaller-scale livestock operations, are uniquely poised to lead a revolution in ranching for several reasons:

1. Flexibility: Smaller operations are often more nimble and flexible than larger ones, allowing them to quickly adapt to changes in the market and changing consumer preferences.

2. Direct connection to consumers: Many smallholder ranchers have direct connections with their consumers, either through direct-to-consumer sales channels such as farmer's markets or through relationships with local retailers. This direct connection can help them to better understand consumer preferences and tailor their operations to meet changing demand.

3. Focus on sustainability: Smallholder ranchers are often more focused on sustainability, as they are often more closely tied to the land and the local community. This focus on sustainability can help them to better manage their resources and implement more environmentally-friendly practices.

4. Innovation: Smaller operations are often more innovative, as they are often more open to trying new approaches and experimenting with new technologies. This culture of innovation can help smallholder ranchers to be at the forefront of new developments in the industry and to lead the way in implementing new practices and technologies.

5. Community engagement: Smallholder ranchers often have strong relationships with their local communities, which can provide a supportive network and help to build public support for their operations.

Smallholder ranchers are well-positioned to lead a revolution in ranching, given their flexibility, direct connection to consumers, focus on sustainability, innovative spirit, and strong community ties. By leveraging these strengths, smallholder ranchers can help to shape the future of the industry and drive positive change in the way livestock is raised and managed.